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Nov 30, -0001

Hello. My name is Joey and I tell u by a nice experience witch I had.

       This experience is by the Carraibean  Pirates, the prison, and the Taifun ::::

             I talk in a sunny day: Hey...I listen by the Carraibean Pirates!There is nice to be one!I will go in Tortue City to be a pirate... for first I will go in the Carraibean and find Tortue....After I will find it, i will be find the man witch make me a pirate!

1: The Taifun          But there is no easy! For first i went in Carraibean and i face a Taifun ( a dangerous storm witch attak a lvl. 3 battle ship( mine ship) with 600-700! It destroy me and sent me to SEVILLE!!! I just go again in in Tortue!

                                                                                                                                                                                      2: The Carraibean Pirates:I went in Tortue succesfuly and I find the man witch be other man a pirate! my reputation was be  40000 and I cannot be the lvl.1 rank because i didn't have amity with Carraibean Pirates...and for my last rank i just need 50 amity! It is to hard and don't try to be a Carraibean Pirate if your battleship level is 3,4 only try to be a pirate if u have minimum level 6 battleship!!!

 3:The Prison:  I tried to make any amity , destroy any White Ships...but I cannot destroy any of these..only pearl ships witch don't  give me any amity!I destroy any pearls to see but don't make any amity with the Carraibean Pirates..only my amity is degree with THE KNGDOM OF PORTUGAL OR SPAN!!!! I go out from Tortue and I go first to Seville! IN Seville, the guards arested me and  I waited in the Prison 180 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My message is: DON"T TRY TO BE A CARRAIBEAN PIRATE IF YOUR BATTLESHIP IS NOT LVEL 6 BECAUSE THE WHITE SHIPS ( GLORY FRIGATES OR FREEDOM PATROLING SHIPS WILL BE HUNT U!!!!