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Tragedy in Crete

Nov 30, -0001

As many of you know, the Ottoman Empire has been amassing an army in Istanbul to invade Italy. An army raised from poor souls from around the Empire. One of these men is Mayeroff, son of Samuel (a granny actually) in Alexandria. I tracked down Mayeroff in the hopes that he will be able to tell me about a certain secret entrance in the island of Crete. I delivered some shoes from his mother and in exchange he gave me a map of Crete.

Knowing Crete to be a major hold out of pirates, I was hoping to sell some fine Istanbul brandy and loaded up my whole ship with it, along with a few provisions to reach the island and stay for a few days to decipher the map and sell the brandy.

I have entered the offshore of Crete confidently when suddenly I was suddenly ambushed! A Jackal and two Golden-eyes have appeared and cut off my escape. They signaled for us to surrender our cargo of brandy. It seems that someone has been following our deal in Istanbul.

I gave the order to outrun them. But their ships were faster and we were sailing into the wind. They gave me a full broadside intent on sinking us if they couldn't obtain our cargo.

A heavily-damaged Chanak receiving a broadside from a pirate Jackal
A heavily-damaged Chanak receiving a broadside from a pirate Jackal

We were desperately fighting back but hardly dealt any damage against the more powerful ships. A few more pirate broadsides and our sails were all destroyed leaving us dead in the water. Chanak was taking in water from several holes below decks and all our cannons have been destroyed. Knowing that only death awaits on the ship, I gave the order to abandon ship. The few men left and I descended into longboats. And we watched our beloved Chanak sink into the depths of the sea.

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