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Dec 3, 2007

  Ledhed started his VCO tour in Alexander on Dec 22, 2006. For all the indelible contributions he gave to VCO, he will be the first player authorized to have his name become an NPC’s name, so that his name will remain in Voyage Century Online forever. To hear more about him check out this interview:

VCO: When did you begin playing Voyage Century?
Ledhed:Dec 22 2006
VCO:Where does your character spawn in the game?
Ledhed:I started in Alexandria
VCO:What would you say if we name the NPC after your name?
Ledhed:It was funny !! I hope everyone has as much fun with it as my guild mates and friends in game are !!
VCO:How did you come to know about Voyage Century?
Ledhed:I was a member of a website about pirate games.
My good friend was trying very hard to get players to join a new game he found called VCO .
He was so enthusiastic,I had to try it . I downloaded it and registered on Columbus server.
It was said to me that VCO had everything!
VCO:What did you think of VC when you first logged into the game?
Ledhed:I was so lost! I thought the peg leg pirates were players!
And I wondered why I could not beat them .then my friends came from the guild.,
and they all took me and showed me the basics, having such wonderful friends made the game a new experience ,we learned the game all as a team .
At the time it was a beta, so it was one new discovery after another.
It was a wonderful time ,we had a department for discovery ,we had players making guides .Everything was so new, no one wanted to stop playing to sleep.
VCO: Tell us about your VC experience briefly.
Ledhed:It was excellent to start , then we had some difficulties with learning the game and with bugs .
But we all worked around the problems and as a team we overcame all the difficulty.
Now I feel like an old man on the server, but get excited all over again when I see new players having fun, because it brings back the old memories.
So many people helped me in the game, I felt that to honor them I would help others the way they helped me.
So at first I helped in the game as I learned more , then I decided I would help many more if I joined the Forums Mod team .
From there it was learning how to communicate and work within the IGG system to help solve problems and to try to make the game and the forums fun.
So I feel like I grew up with the team at IGG. I learned as they did , We teach each other and advise each other.
So Now I have friends in game and in IGG.
And the game just gets better.
I am looking forward to all the new changes.
And the new friends I will be making as the game keeps growing.
VCO: What aspects of VC did you find most appealing?
Ledhed:The Guild system, and the ability to improve so many aspects of your Character, that it was very difficult to get bored. And all of the different SHIPS!
There is always a new Goal to try to reach.
VCO: Are there any touching moments in VC that you will never forget? Why?
Ledhed:There are certain players, that helped me at the time I was in a very bad position.
They did this from true friendship, and did so without me asking or even knowing why aside from the fact we knew each other form the guild or from the game.
It was not something I expected, nor ever thought was a possibility.
It changed the whole way I think about on line play.
VCO:What do you expect the new version to be like?
Ledhed:I expect the new version to be a huge step forward and I think it will be a great new beginning for many players.
I also expect it will enable IGG to adjust to the players as they grow in the game much easier than the old version.
VCO:Do you have anything you want to say to our players and the VCO team?
Ledhed:To the players,all I can say is thank you for all the fun .
To the VCO team I look forward to working on this new adventure and hope to continue our close cooperation as we work together to help bring the players the best gaming experience we can.
VCO:OK,thank you,that’s all my questions!
As a mod, you are the best! Thanks for your long-term support and great efforts.
We will never forget your contributions to VC.
In order to return your long-term support and great performance, we decided to add you to the Celebrity Hall.
We also hope you will play VC with our players forever….