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Create new charactor and Do the daily task immediately

Jun 12, 2014

Dont have time to train? Levelling up a character too much of a pain?
Why not buy a Newbie Character Pack to receive a Level 150 Character which costs 10,000 points with 280,000 Land Battle Points and 250,000 Sea Battle Points all ready for you to use?

Promotion Price: 6000 Points

Character Attributes are listed below:Male


Character Equipment and Items carried are as follows:

Item Amount
Hat of Salvation 1
Law of Salvation 1
Male Freezing Helmet 1
Male Freezing Loricae 1
Warblade of Salvation(or another Salvation's weapon) 1
Ring of Salvation 2
Necklace of Salvation 1
Badge of Salvation 2
Man's Seven Seas Keeper's Cap(Perfect) 1
Man's Seven Seas Keeper's Cloth(Perfect) 1
Ocean Ring 2
Ocean Star 1
Ocean Badge 2
Refined Fatal Cross Gun 1
Refined Cutting Sky Battle-axe 1
SOV 400
Key to grave 1
Bay Secret Door Key 1
Rebirth Book 1
Silver Coin 300,000,000
Poseidon Figurehead 1
lv13 Poseidon Interceptor 1
Huge Neptune Cannon 574
Colossal Korean Turtle Shaped Ship 1
Armoured BattleShip 1
Zhenghe treasure Ship 1
Fancy Male modern lover dress 1

How to get:

Players must first ensure that the account they use has 1 space for a new character to be created.

Players can then purchase the  Newbie Character Pack   to their designated accounts.

Contact us to inform us of  your new character’s  information(account, server ,name ,backup name1,backup name2,the weapon u choose) using one of the four methods below:

    1. VC Service Center : http://service.sns.us.browsergame.com/tickets.php?gid=5

    2. PM funofking in the vc forum :http://forum.vc.igg.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=59

    3. VIP Serivce Center : http://vip.igg.com/

    4. Post the thread on the forum:http://forum.vc.igg.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=59

We will create the new character on the account after getting the information from you within 3 working days.

IGG reserves the final interpretation and right of the event.