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Be Savvy and Shun Scammers!

Jan 31, 2013

Dear Captains,

Don't trust anyone in the world of online gaming. This saying may sound a tad cliché, but sadly it's one that holds very true indeed. While plundering and pillaging is way more fun in VC when you've crewed up with other captains, there are some scurvy rascals out there ready to scam innocent players with their vile tricks. Below are some of the dirty tricks that are often deployed by scammers.

1.They create a character with names which are very similar to those of people that you know. These may be friends, guild mates, or famous characters in a certain server. Here are some examples of how they may change character names to trick players.

Original character




(Fake character)




Name-changing Trick

Changing a letter

Removing a letter

Changing the order of the letters to mimic another player's name.

2. Hacking into a player's account and chatting with that player's friends (you). Afterwards, they scam you out of your hard earned items or gold. To prevent this, we urge all VC players not to lend others equipment, whatever the reason may be. Most importantly, NEVER reveal your account information, such as account number, username, password or security code to anyone in the game. Items such as the Security Lock and Binding Stone provide added security to your equipment and can be purchased in our Item Mall as needed. If you've had some rare and powerful equipment and want some peace of mind, check these items out.

3. Some scammers will also pose as a GM, provide links to fake IGG or VC websites and obtain your account information through Trojans or viruses. Please take note that all events will ONLY be announced on our official website and our GMs will NEVER ask you for your account information via e-mail or in-game.

Many captains can let their guard down while having fun adventuring in the game. We hope everyone stays vigilant in safeguarding the privacy of their account information. Don't give scammers the chance to hack you or steal your items! Many helpful fellow captains have shared their experiences and given advice on how to spot scammers and how to avoid being scammed.

More tips...

Do not share accounts with others and do not reveal your account information to others. True friends will understand the importance of safeguarding your account and will not ask you for your account information.

Ensure that you registered for your account with a valid e-mail address! Many players registered for an account with invalid e-mail addresses and when their accounts are hacked, they find themselves helpless, unable to recover their stolen accounts. You should confirm your e-mail address immediately after account registration. A valid e-mail address is the only way to ensure we can identify and contact you when you have issues with your account!

Always change your password from time to time to ensure the security of your account.

Account Security Guide



The VC Team