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VCO Exist Bible Chapter 6 - Travel freely over the world

Jan 24, 2007

Get tired of bloody fighting, hard working and haggling? Let’s go to see the world outside that can free you from these things. Let’s go and pay a visit to the wild African Champaign, which is full of bizarre animals, the mysterious oriental city with ancient temples, the hazardous jungle of the South America, the disappeared city of Atlantis in the central Atlantic... The huge world is waiting for you to explore.
However, where to find these things in the game? In Voyage Century there are some shinning spots on the high seas, each of the spot imply that something special is hiding nearby for you to explore. Now, you can stop your ship, click the explore button in the instruction menu and input the number of sailors dispatched. The number of findings depends on the telescopes you equip, the more telescopes you equip, the more findings you can get. When you have found something, your findings will be automatically recorded in the discovery logbook.
Is the life of an adventure funny? In Voyage Century, your adventure will bring you wealth and fame. Sent the discovery logbook to the connoisseur, you will get some silver coins as rewards, at the same time it will boost your reputation too. The rarer your findings are, the more valuable the findings are, and the more reputation you will gain.
Tips on Exploration
Keep the geographic location and the coordinates in mind when you land on the island for adventure or when you go into a cave, this will help you a lot when you get lost. Take care the NPC on the island, they will attack you initiatively and will do great damage on you while you are fighting with them. It’s suggested that players use ships of high speed for exploration, such as raiding ship, because it will be easy for raiding ship to escape from the chases of the pirates. It’s also suggested that players slow their ship down to explore because this can save provision of the convoy.
Being a great explorer means fortune and fame. What will you do if you have a great deal of fortune and a good fame? Found a guild and be a leader is your best choice. Please wait for the next chapter: Unrivaled King
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