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VCO Exist Bible Chapter 4 - Invincible Forever

Jan 26, 2007

During the years of exploration life, warriors fight against the nature and monsters. Such anneal made them grow up and faith made them brave. With the increasing fighting experience, they gradually mastered the tactics, skills as well as the use of many weapons. They became stronger and powerful which made them survive in the battles. They won the battles again and again and successfully relieve from crisis by using their skills and experience. They are the soul of the battle and fill enthusiasm and courage into the whole team. They won the trust of team members that they were able to defeat any enemy in the fist line by their weapons. Nobody can stop their forward steps. Their existence made Voyage Century more wonderful.
Both sea battle and land battle in Voyage Century will bring you the most furious battle experience. 
Sea Battle
The level of sea battle influences the skills used in the sea battle. Fighting on the sea will increase the experience of sea battle so as to level up the sea battle. There are three stunts in sea battle at present: Cannon Fight, Ramming and Grappling.
Firstly, when entering into the birthplace, you should rebuild your ship into military ship and arm it with Fire series Figurehead in order to add as many emplacements as you can to promote the power. After purchasing the cannon ball, you can buy an Armor Punching Ball if you have enough silver coins and then go undertake the Ares Warrior Alliance task before sailing out. With cannon and cannon ball, you can fight the pirates (Black Flag) on the sea. When it goes dark, there are a lot of smugglers on the sea. You could fight the lowest level Black Flag in the initial stage. On daytime that you cannot find the smugglers, you can go to the battlefield around Crete Island. When the fighting starts, you will enter the offing scene. As the cannons are on both sides of the ship, can the enemies shoot you only after entering the cannonade area which is showed by a blue sector in the small map. When the enemy ships run into your cannonade area, you can click left mouse on the target and press F1 to fight. If you win, you will get a figurehead, some goods, and silver coins etc.
*Cannon Fight
When your sea battle up to level 4, you will get one skill point, that can be used to upgrade your sea battle stunt from the Skill Master. If upgrade the Cannon Fight, your can arm your ship with a higher-level cannon as well as improve your accuracy.
If upgrade the Grappling, it will strengthen your short distance fighting ability, but you'd better promoting your land battle skill to level 11. When entering the sea battle scene, you can click the enemy ship and keep a distance from it and then click right mouse to choose Grapple on the commanding interface. After successful grappling, you will enter the grappling scene. The handle of Close Combat is similar to the Land Fighting. There are three ways to succeed. 1. Kill the captain 2. Break down the rudder 3. Cut down all the grappling and escape from the close combat scene. If you win in the battle, you will get Ship Equipment Drawing, goods, silver coins and other booties. Ten seconds after the fighting ends, you will quit the Close Combat scene.
You could also upgrade your Ramming skill. But Ramming is usually an accessorial skill in the sea battle, most of the time, you win by using Grapping and Cannon fighting. When entering the sea battle, click the Ramming and your ship will ram against the enemy.
Land Battle
There are five skills in Land Battle: Falchion-playing, Sword-playing, Axe-playing, Shooting, Medicine. If you want to become an expert in battle, you'd better focus on one skill. First of all, you need to learn a skill of certain weapon, and then arm youself with the weapon, only with which can you increase your attack power. Then, you could also equip yourself with high defense armor. If you have enough silver coins, you might bring more bottles of potion and High-Level Incitantia with you.
In the Land Battle, each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. Sword has low attack power but best accuracy; falchion has normal attack power but can increase the defense; axe has high attack power but will decrease a certain defense; spear has a long distance attack with strong power but very low accuracy and decrease defense a lot. To become an excellent warrior, you also need to learn Medicine, with which you can recover your HP faster during fighting.
Team fighting can not only improve your defense but also share more experiences.
Adventure and treasure, hero and pirate are the absolute theme of Voyage Century. Fighting against pirates with courage and wisdom is proud for the hero. However, aren't those bloodthirsty pirates also hero in villain? If you bear a pirate dream, please pay attention to the next chapter: Obstinate and unruly
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