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Voyage Century Exist Bible: Chapter 1 - Young and inexperienced

Jan 26, 2007
Voyage Century, the first 3D nautical MMORPG in online game history, has embarked on the English speaking world since Dec 8th.
Download Client
Before playing this fascinating game, players have to download the Voyage Century client first. Here we provide both Bit torrent and ftp downloads. Here are the download addresses
After players have successfully downloaded the Voyage Century client, they have to install it. The following link will teach you how to install the game.
Players also need an account to enter the game. This page will help them to get one
After all these steps, players can enter the game and enjoy it. Now comes the most exciting moment, the brilliant and grand game world is presented in front of us.
Create a character
When players have log in, the system will tell you to create a character, you can choose one from the four characters and choose the figure, face and hair style of the character you like. The link below will provide you with the process.
Novice Task
Then, players can enter a scene of the novice task. This will help you to get familiar with the basic feature of the game. Players can visit here for more details about the Novice Task.
Now, after all these steps, you will become a captain. Though inexperience, you can sail in the great ocean now. But you still have a lot of things to learn. You have to learn to survive in the game world and grow in the storm. For more information about the surviving skills, please advert to next chapter - Be a millionaire.
Voyage Century Exist Bible Series: