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Voyage Century Exist Bible: Chapter 3 - Wonderful Articial

Jan 26, 2007
There is one tribe in voyage century who make the high-value items for their friends and customers by their creativity and intelligence, no matter the exquisite equipment, the formidable artillery or the shiny jewelry. The skilled artisans can control the duration and strength of making an item just depends on the intuition. Delicate armor and helm come into being from their hands. Some said that they are ordinary laborer, even than nidering countryman, however they are true artist in voyage century.
Apprentice to a master and learn skill
Forger and shipbuilder
The forger and shipbuilder supply the weapon for warrior and adventurer. All weapons, armor, embolon, figurehead, and high-class loricae are made by them. If you bear the ambition to become a forger or a shipbuilder, you should learn the followed skills: mining, timber-felling, foundry and shipbuilding.
First of all, you may find the skill tutor near the entrance of city and learn the skills you need by talking to him. After learning, you got a level 1 skill, a level 1 stunt and the tool of primary level.
You have to equip the tool before you collect. Mining and timber-felling are the ways to obtain ore and log from the nature. Then, process the ore and log into metal and wood, which will be used to produce weapon, armor, embolon, figurehead, and high-class loricae.
Ore and log resources are mainly in suburb or islands. When you meet the requirement, you can go to the area of collecting, equip tool, seek ore and log which can be collected. If the ore or log can be collected, the mouse will indicate it, than you can left click on the ore or log to begin collecting. The durability of the tool will decrease when being used and cannot be repaired. So, once the durability decrease to 1, the tool will not be used anymore, you have to buy a new one from Black Smith. When the resource is used up, it cannot be collected anymore. You have to wait at least several days for the resumption.
It's noticeable that, the ore and log cannot be used to produce items directly, you have to smelt the ore into metal and process the log into wood. When the metal and wood being prepared, go to weapon store to buy hammer and weapon drawing. Right click on the drawing you will command of the way to make weapon. After equipping the hammer, open the foundry interface, choose the weapon you want to found. when the condition meets the requirement, click on produce button to make the weapon. There is a success rate when produce. If failed, you have to redo it again. If succeed, you may get a masterwork.
The process of shipbuilding is similar to that of foundry.

Sewer and Alchemist

Sewers supply the leather and clothes for warrior and adventurer. They can also make beautiful dressing for the social occasion. Alchemists are adept at making deadly poison and wizard potion. The potion is helpful in the battle, such as recover the team and do damage to the enemy.
If you are interested in becoming a sewer or alchemist, you should learn followed skills: planting, alchemy and sewing.
Similar to mining and timber-felling, you should learn the skill of planting from the skill tutor. After equipping the tool, go to suburb to collect seeds. When acquiring the seeds, go to the planting area, equip the hoe, open your inventory, right click on the seeds to begin planting. After planting one, step forward to plant the second one and repeat again and again till the field formed. Twenty minutes(real time)later, you can harvest. After harvesting the crops, you are able to refine them into potions with skill of alchemy or process them into clothes with the skill of sewing. The process of alchemy and sewing are similar to that of foundry and shipbuilding: find the tool ( go to sewing store for the needle and thread and the drawing of clothes, and go to Alchemists' for the bottle and drawing of potion). After using the drawing, equip the tool, open the interface and click on the items you want to produce. That's all.
Early, you may fail, or just produce some low-level items. Don't lose heart. Finally, your exquisite craft will be admired by others. The consummate collecting and producing system of Voyage Century will certainly bring you infinite enjoyment.
Are you still searching for road hardly? Knacks will make you get twice the result with half the effort. How to become a outstanding handicraftsman quickly?
Here are some tips for you:
Take timber-felling for example:
1. Most players will create two characters in the game, character A for increasing the load and character B for upgrading the level. The experience gained from felling and processing are the same. So let character B go felling, and than give the log to Character A to process. Thus, the timber-felling experience of A will also increase, and the level of A and B are approximate. Use all skill points of A to increase its load while using all skill points of B to learn Log Research.
2. You can use the cabin to store the material you collect. There is no need to go back warehouse when your inventory is full.
3. You can buy some clothes with special attribute to increase your load.
More tips need to be found by yourself.
Handicraftsman are great. However, in Voyage Century, there is another kind of people who are warlike inborn and are not willing to live in peace. The passion of combat is surging in their blood. How to become a valiant warrior? Please pay attention to the next chapter: Invincible Forever!
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