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Voyage Century Exist Bible: Chapter 2 - Be a millionaire

Jan 26, 2007

Historical background
Using spicery was the main way to preserve the food on the 14th and 15th century for refrigerator hasn't come into use. Therefore, European's aspiration for it created the unparalleled high price of spicery in the history. It was a kind of profitable trade for spicery at that time. At the beginning, Arabian merchants monopolized the spicery. Later, Turkey Empire emerged and developed rapidly. She promptly controlled the trade way for spicery. Meanwhile, Europe was eager to get rid of this embarrassing situation. Not only saint religion but also the common business hoped to turn the situation by powerful measures. Failed in the military breakout, worried European began to look for outlet from the ocean. On May, 1498, Da Gama, a Portuguese navigator reached Calicut port in India after 4-year adventure. At this moment, everyone held the breath to see that Da Gama turned many years' knowledge and courage into envious wealth.
In Voyage Century, capital is the first element you should consider. No matter leveling up of the ship, recruit of the new crew, launching a war or managing a city could not do without capital. You could gain larger force in this world with considerable wealth or support from consortium. Therefore, if you want to own a peculiar splendent battle ship; if you want to be a ruler of a city; if you want your statue appear in the center of Athens, becoming a merchant is a good choice for your voyage career.
Two conditions to be a merchant:
1. Own a merchant ship: To be a successful merchant, a real merchant ship is absolutely necessary. Although you can use any types of ship for transportation, but the carrying capacity ability and huge hold of merchant ship is unique, which means you can gain fortune compare with another types of ship. You only own a small boat at the beginning of game. Talk to Langer by dock in Athens and Alexander after you finish newbie task, he will ask that whether you want to be a rich merchant, you would get material (two level 1 wood and pig iron) for building a level 1 merchant ship if you answer YES. Bring them to find the boss of dockyard who can upgrade your small boat to a level 1 merchant ship.

How to trade:
Trade is the resource to obtain fortune. There is a bourse for selling and purchasing article in each city, and players can find out market trend from the boss in bourse. There are different article sale and demand in each city, so people can earn money from price difference of selling and purchasing article.
You can start own merchant life if you take these two points above. Go and check the bourse, it should be a good beginning.
1. The important of eloquence: The level of eloquence choosing your purchasing skill level, people could buy higher level item for more earning if you learned purchasing skill, so eloquence is an absolutely necessary skill for a successful merchant. You can get a skill point for every 4 level upgrading, and people can learn purchasing skill from skill NPCs in each city. You only can buy item when your purchasing skill could match with the level of article you buy.
2. Level upgrade of ship: High level merchant ship should carry more items, which means more earning. Level of merchant ship upgrade depends on conformation attribute, and profit of trade would effect the gaining of your construction experience. People can upgrade their ship to a higher level merchant ship by every 10 level of construction. Load, turnaround and speed will upgrade at the same time when you upgrade your ship, and the figure of ship is sure to become more brilliant.

Begin business tips:
1. Supply and demand relationship: A successful merchant have to know all market trend over the world, you can get your first earning along the route from Athens to Alexander. People could get sudden huge profits from oriental silk, flavors and Capet town gold if they get an advanced ship.
2. Market information: It would be double profits if your selling just satisfies the city needed. Players can find out trend information from boss of bourse and release it to public. Obviously, in control of market every city makes your income double increase.
3. Raiding Ship: It is possible to avoid battle thru bribe if merchant ship robs by pirate, however, it can not avoid fight if you have not got enough silver coins or choose attack directly. Raiding ship usually appears in the evening, so the daytime should be a right choice for merchant, also frigates might come protect you in the daytime.
4. Trade caravan: People can make merchant ship full carrying items without speed limited through build a trade caravan with another player. For example, you can set an explorative ship as captain of your trade caravan for increase whole speed of trade caravan, and also it should be more safety if any warship joins your trade caravan. Anyway, teamwork always makes your travel successfully in boundless sea.
5. Figurehead: Do not ignore function of figurehead for ever.

The other beginning:
A successful merchant makes huge fortune, but it is not the only way you can find in Voyage Century, an excellent collector and handicraftsman make millionaires as well in the game. Furthermore, the masterwork equipment leaves a good name of standout handicraftsman forever. For more information, please advert to next chapter - Wonderful Artical Excelling Nature.
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