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The Lord of Suez Canal

Jul 7, 2022
Makings of a Fleet
After years of exploration and excavation, the poor Egyptian people finally dug a canal in the desert that connects the Red Sea and the Black Sea. The opening of the Suez Canal greatly shortened the voyage between Asia and Europe, bringing huge commercial benefits to Egypt. But the new route invites new threats, including those who seek to control it.
Prove your strength at the Canal Training Ground!
[Canal Training Ground Introduction]

1. The training ground comprises 50 levels. For every level cleared, players will receive a fixed amount of rewards.
2. The time limit for each level is 4 minutes. The boss’s attributes will increase greatly when the time limit is exceeded.
[Canal Training Ground Rewards]
Clear the Canal Training Ground to obtain Lv 1-5 Training Medals, Ocean Essence, Amethyst Jade, Spirit of the Sea, Mark of the Abyss, Mark of the Earth, Mark of the Sky, Doris's Statue Sketch, Amphitrite's Statue Sketch, and Epic ship interior rebuilding items.
Naval Battle Star Soul Feature
The god of the sea blesses the sailors and activates the Star Soul feature on naval battle equipment.