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The Death of Yamato King

Nov 23, 2020

Dear Captains,

      Attention Captains!

      The defeat of the Japanese pirates by the Ming army and mercenaries led to the farmers’ rebellion and the eventual downfall of their leader, Tokisada Masuda. This setback drove the ambitious Tokisada mad. Fusing medicinal formulas with magma, he devised a way to enhance his strength. He later looked to the mighty Lee clan as a means to make a comeback.    

      For generations, the Lee clan was known for their legendary archery skills and had defended their land from numerous attacks. Framed and nearly eliminated in a political conflict, they began to resent the government. Tokisada Masuda took advantage of this fact and manipulated the Lee clan into destroying his enemies with their superior archery skills.
      Trapped in a foreign land surrounded by strangers, the Lee clan failed to find help and break free of Tokisada Masuda’s control. After a long wait, the Ming explorer’s arrival rekindled their hope for freedom. Along the way, the explorer rescued a wounded member of the Lee clan. After his recovery, they set out for Nagasaki together to save the Lee clan from slavery.

      We will begin this journey on Nov 24th after our update maintenance. This maintenance will start at 0 :30 am Nov 24th (GMT-5) and continue for 4 hours.

      After maintenance, all servers will receive  3X EXP and 1.5x drop rate  from the moment the server are up till 11:59pm Nov  30th. 

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