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The black sea

Nov 30, -0001

The night was calm. I traveled the sea with my 50 men. A proud crew it was i had all the big names: long nose jack, jimmy the rifle, ed the canon and so on. Yes tis a fin crew or should i say it was a fine crew. On June the 15 1768 we were traveling the ocean from Spain to America. We wanted to catch us some boty from a rich merchant ship ( we were pirates). We didn't have any luck so far. but this day or should i say this nigh was special. The night was fogy and pitch black you couldn't even see yar hand in front of yar face. The sea was ravaging and shacked the ship. Sometimes i thought that the sea had hands and grabbed the ship. A few hours passed and i thought that the worst was over but it has only youst started. I was was youst getting to my bed where suddenly the man started screaming. I rushed out to see what happened. To my suprise i didn't see anyone. Everyone was gone like something grabbed theme in the sea but what...............
To be Continued in the Black sea 2