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The Pirates of the Black Sea Chapter 1

Nov 30, -0001

Charactars in story:

1. Nighthawk4223-Captain of the White Pearl

2.Novin-Second in command of the White Pearl

3.AvengedSevenfold-Third in command of the White Pearl

4.dreamfly-Crew member

5.Lyne-Crew member

6.Sev-Crew Member


Chapter 1-We set sail

Today was a day to be remembered. Me, Nighthawk4223, and my other crew members were going to set sail from Athens and adventure to the Black Sea. Who knows what might happen, why are we doing this you may ask? Well... a long time ago when my father was still alive he was one of the bravest and most feared pirates of all time. He was shipping goods from Tripoi to Alexander but then some pirate ships had found out and attacked him. He was outnumbered and his ship sank down to the bottom of the ocean....along with him. Although I was only a little child I had dreams about being just like my dad and becoming the pirate king. When I had found out my father died I started to trust no one. It started feeling like the whole world was against me, I had no friends, no family, no life......My mother died when I grew to the age of 9 by a disease. The doctors and priests couldn't help do anything. I was left alone in an orphanage alone and no one wanted to adopt me. When I grew up I became a Soldier and helped protect Athens. After I got information that my father had been also shipping tons of silver when the ship sank down, I measrued the years of drifting for the silvers and found out that the money should be near the Black Sea. I gathered a crew, friends, you may say but I wouldn't count on it. Yet they acknowledge me as their friend, I don't trust anyone, and I don't trust them. So hear we are, getting ready to set sail. Me, an Ensign command officer wearing a red uniform for an Ensign Command Falchion. Novin, wearing normal clothes for a civilian, armed with a pistol and lots of bullets. Lyne, another Ensign Officer wearing a blue uniform and an Ensign Command Falchion. Avengedsevenfold wearing a black uniform and an Ensign Knight Falchion. And Sev is just a healer with lots of potions. Well thats the crew, so far perhaps. We had alot ahead of us. So we started heading out of Athens, and we were getting ready to face the most epic moment of our lives...