Obtaining Credits

Ways to Obtain Credits

What are Credits?
Credits are special bonus given by official to the players who have made contribution to the game.

What are Credits used for?
You could use credits to exchange for normal items in the Item Mallor bid elite items in the Auction Center.

How to obtain Credits?
There are several ways to obtain credits:

1. Recommend your friends to play our games
You could become an IGG promoter, then gain credits by bringing in new players. For the details, just CLICK HERE.

2. Forum Contribution
The VCO forum moderators hold activities giving Kamas as reward which can be exchanged for Credits.
A typical forum member profile is like this:

You could visit the VCO Forum by CLICKING HERE.

3. Item Mall Points Bonus
If you have bought Item Mall points, you could receive extra Credits as bonus. Details could be found HERE

4. Participate in other special events
Some activities held by official also give away Credits as awards.