Upgrade Equipment

Place for Sign-up: Forum

Requirements for joining in: All VCO players

1.Requirements: When a players equipment meets the requirements, they can post a reply to the event post to apply to exchange equipment with a GM.

2.Application: The post must contain the character name, server and the screenshot of the equipment to be exchanged.

3.The stats bonuses that will be lost after exchange: When a weapon meets the following requirements, after the exchange its level increases by 1 and its attached attack power, defense and dodge chance will be deducted. After the exchange, armors level increases by 1 too but its critical strike chance bonus, Passive Skill Hap chance bonus, damage bonus and HP bonus will be kept.

4.Stats bonuses gained after the exchange: After the equipments level is increased by 1, its remaining stats bonuses will increase by 1(Attached HP bonus will increase by 50) except that it has reached the upper limit.

5.The posts that don meet the requirements will be invalid. The players can only use the equipment submitted in the post to exchange.

6.Players can post several pieces of equipments to exchange at a time. But one piece of equipment can only be upgraded once a month. Each character is allowed to conduct the Exchange once a month.

7.Three threads for players from three servers to sign up:
We will post the sign-up thread on May 12th in our forum, and players can sign up by posting under the sign-up thread. And we will open 3 sign-up threads, and players from the 3 different servers must sign up separately.

8.The time for exchanging has been adjusted
Our Principal of Event (flyingwar) will post a reply to announce those who can exchange at 2:00am EST(GMT-5) everyday. And he will only exchange with upto 10 players who sign up from each server per day, and will continue exchanging with players the next day.
Usually, the exchange time is the next day from 10:00pm EST (GMT-5) until 6:00am EST (GMT-5).

9.GMs will lock the registration post on Saturday and Sunday. The Exchange will not be done on weekends

So those who want to participate in the Equipment Exchange event should pay close attention to our forum. And each account or every character is allowed to conduct the exchange once a month. Those who can’t exchange equipment in time can contact us via Live Support, an we will try to offer them a chance to exchange equipment the next day from 10:00pm EST (GMT-5) until 6:00am EST (GMT-5).

The requirements for exchange:
Non Dragon equipment: 43 Attack Force, 50 Defense

Dragon equipment:
Flame Dragon equipment into Green Dragon equipment: 50 Attack Force, 60 Defense
Green Dragon equipment into Golden Dragon equipment: 56 Attack Force, 70 Defense
Golden Dragon equipment into White Dragon equipment: 62 Attack Force, 75 Defense
White Dragon equipment into Black Dragon equipment: 68 Attack Force, 80 Defense