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Novice Task

A teaching task will be activated when the novice players enter the game, this will help the players know the operation of the game. Some rewards will be offered to the players when the task is completed.

1. When entering the game, players can move their characters by right clicking the mouse. Move the character to a mysterious NPC captain who is marked by an exclamatory mark..

2. Left clicking the mysterious NPC captain, then the captain will talk to you. Just do as the captain told you.

3. On the right side of the mysterious NPC captain is a NPC docker, he will give you a ship of elementary level. Then the NPC sailor will tell the player the basic requirement of sailing on the sea and will ask you to buy the provision.

4. When the players have the ability to go to the sea, the mysterious NPC captain will ask you to buy cannons and cannonballs from the NPC shipyard boss on his left side.

5. After talking with the NPC shipyard boss, he will give you 4 cannons of elementary level and ask you to buy cannonballs. The cannons will appear in the ship interface automatically, and the cannons will be equipped on the ship automatically.

6. When the players have the ability to fight in a sea battle, talk to the mysterious NPC captain, he will task you with a novice task (a task on land), you can get the rewards after you have completed the task. Then the mysterious NPC captain will ask you to go to the sea. You can talk to the NPC docker, and click the “sail off” in the conversation box to go to the sea.

7. It will turn to the scene of the offing when you are at sea. Please note the words in the chat column on the left side of the button, it will tell you to sail off. You can begin sailing by clicking the sing of “sail off” in the shortcut interface, or press the shortcut key Alt+V.

8. You can find a pirate ship without a name in the offing. After you have sunk the pirate ship, you can get some currency in the game as rewards.

9. If you don’t want to fight the pirate ship, you can press the sign of “click to return to the high sea” to back to the scene of high seas. It’s all the same when you fight the pirate.

10. You can follow the navigation mark on the sea to go back to you birth place.
11. After you disembark, you can find the NPC who task you the novice task. If you complete the task as required, you can get the reward. Then, the novice task is finished.
If you find the novice task is boring, you can click skip or to the birth place. By clicking skip, you don’t have to do the task and play as normal game in your birth place.