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Alliance Task

1. Brief introduction to Alliance task
1.1 Alliance task is a system that goes along with the players through their growing from a novice to an expert. Nearly all the information of the character is included in the system. Players will get twice the result with half the effort by doing alliance tasks.
1.2  There are Warrior Alliance, Merchant Guild, Laborer Guild Alliances and Adventurer Alliance in the game.

2. Accepting task
2.1 The master of every alliance is in the city or at the port. You can accept corresponding task after you have joined the alliance. You can get rewards after you have accomplished the task. Furthermore it will also boost your reputation and increase your skill experience after the task is accomplished. You can join all the alliances at the same time, but you can only accept one task at a time 
2.2 You can check your current task and record in the log

3. Brief introduction to 7-Sea Merchant Guild
3.1 7-Sea Merchant Guild was originated in Genoa. It was started by some big traders near Genoa for the purpose of knowing more about trading information of Mediterranean area. It was called the Mediterranean Trader’s Alliance at first. Thereafter, since more and more traders from all over the world join the alliance, the alliance changed its name to 7-Sea Merchant Guild. The goal of the organization is to unite all the traders in the world together, speed up the development of the sea trade, so as to enable the traders to know the trading information of the world and gain the biggest revenue.
3.2 How to join
Talk to the Merchant Guild Master and join the guild

4. Ares Warrior Alliance
4.1 7-Sea Merchant Guild was often attacked by the pirate during the trade. So the British Navy unites the local convoying fleet at different place to protect the traders. But when the convoying fleet became more and more strong, it became an independent power and forms a warrior alliance. It named its alliance after the Greece god of war “Ares”. The power of the alliance is still growing now, and its organization is throughout the world.
4.2 How to join
4.3 Talk to the Ares Warrior Alliance Master and join the guild

5. Laborer Guild
5.1 Italy is famous for its handcrafts. At the primary time, for the purpose of facilitating communication, the craftsmen form a guild spontaneously. Thereafter, because the development of the whole hand crafts industry, the guild became larger and began to collecting raw materials and selling products in the whole Mediterranean area.
5.2 How to join
Talk to the Laborer Guild Master and join the guild

6. Adventurer Alliance
6.1 It was originated in Spain by some people who are interested in adventure and who are the followers of the Columbus.
6.2 How to join
Talk to the Adventurer Alliance Master and join the guild.