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Hurricane Island Instance

I. Hurricane Island Background:

a). Theme: There are always unknown places all over the world. People have long suffered from mysterious catastrophes, but the things in Hurricane Island are unimaginable. Unknown creatures, unknown human civilizations, unknown relics and unknown treasures await those who explore it. Hurricane Island is a mysterious world full of wonder and death.


II. NPCs in Hurricane Island

a)Captain Migna: An experienced explorer, gentle and humorous. He and his crew were trapped on the island after their ship was damaged by a hurricane. Once they had gone into Pirate Mine Cave in search of repair materials, they were attacked deep in the cave. Thus, they had to stay outside to think about what to do.

Further backdrop: He secretly made an agreement with the Pirate Castellan to lure players to seek the treasure and then rob them. So he must always get some clues first and leave the puzzles to players. After players acquired treasures, he fought against them. Finally, he was defeated and escaped. Nobody knew his intentions.

b)Tom: A sailor of Captain Migna’s, loyal and forthright. He was a gunner and respected the captain very much. He stayed with the captain outside the cave, discussing how to leave the island. His good friend was killed by the Pirate Miners in Pirate Mine Cave.

c) Taskmaster Rowan: The leader of the Pirate Miners, short but cruel. He always lashes his workers. Now he is wanted by the Pirate King for he betrayed the Pirate King and came to Hurricane Island seeking gold.

d) Lizard man Lens: An English explorer and paleontologist with an isolated nature and weird thoughts. Although his family was rich, he took no interest in business but was passionate for reptile research. He disappeared mysteriously but his ship was said to be near the Caribbean. We found a ferocious Lizard walking like a man deep in the cave. After we defeated it, it told us with it’s last gasp that he was Lens. He and his fellows were attacked by a pirate ship while exploring the Caribbean. They fled to an island and discovered a magical place. Through this lizard cave, there was a valley with a large number of unusual reptiles. Lens spent long years researching the creatures there and found the environment was very special. Unfortunately, he was poisoned after being attacked by a lizard. Hardly had he used the remedial herb in the valley when his body became aberrant. Fins and scales began to grow in his hands, feet and back. He turned into a lizard at last and killed all his expedition members. At last, Lens told us the path to the valley and died.

e) Cliff Valley Tyrannosaurus King: One of the ten beast kings, a star of Hollywood, fierce and cruel.

f) Cliff Valley Gorilla King: One of the ten beast kings, a star of Hollywood, fierce and cruel. It may only turn up when lured with Giant Fruit or a beautiful girl with golden hair.

g) Barbarian Chieftain Patty: A new brave chieftain of the Barbarian riding a tyrannosaurus. He was guarding the entrance to the ancestors’ graves with his clansmen and holding the key to the grave. The grave was once invaded by pirates from other places because the former chieftain was weak. Later, hurricanes came to the island and Patty rebelled with a group of clansmen and spread the rumor that the gods were angry. After killing the former chieftain, he became the new chieftain and set a rule: Whoever got close to the grave would be killed as a sacrifice to the ancestors, so that the gods would calm his anger and drive the hurricane away.

h) The Head of the Grave Robbers Dante: A weird and handsome pirate king with silver hair and a gun always in hand. Various rumors have turned up in every area. The most famous rumor was that people would become light and nimble after smoking his cigar. He also had an ugly and peculiar dog, but nobody knew its breed.

Further backdrop: Being the son of the Pirate Castellan, He was seeking clues to his fathers murder. He got the news about the secret of the Pirate king’s Mace, so he went deep into the ancient grave for investigation.

i) Peter. Hoiin: 1577-1629, the most famous pirate leader in Holand. He was an excellent navigator because his father was a fisherman and he had been fishing with his father from childhood. In 1628, he was the chief commander of the Dutch West India Company which was a Dutch organization for colonial expansion into America. With the lead of Hoiin, the company formed 31 ships and had 3000 sailors, but their fighting capacity wasn’t high, which was attributed to their short nautical experience and poor military quality. However, Hoiin was assigned a hard task: Capturing the Spanish treasure ships traveling from America to Europe. Hurricane Island was the place where he hid his treasure.

j) Skeleton Pirate King: Unknown deceased pirate king.

Further backdrop: Dante’s father, the former Pirate Castellan, died in the early scramble for the pirate city, but was awakened by the Wizard Hodor and helped Hodor to guard the Pirate King’s Mace.


III. Hurricane Island Exploration Area:

a)       Hurricane Island outdoors: beach, swamp, brushwood, wetland, cave gateway

b)      Hurricane Island Mine Cave: The main road is built wide in order to place ore and barrier NPCs. Stones fill the end of some forks. Behind the supreme BOSS is also a road blocked by rocks.

c)       Hurricane Island Lizard Cave: It is convenient to place stable NPCs at the entrance to narrow forks and put treasures inside.

d)      Cliff Valley: Animals and plants are giant and the landscape is beautiful. In front of the grave stands an altar where the Barbarians hold sacrificial ceremonies.

e)       Ancient Grave: Refer to the maze pass.

f)       Hurricane Island Lime Cave: Giant Ship Scene

g)      Secret Cave of Hurricane Island: Covered with treasure.


IV. About the pass

a)       Hurricane Island outdoors: Players may accept some instance quests from NPCs at the mouth of the cave, where some monsters can also be met.

1.Level 11 –level 12 Ore and Level 11-level 12 Logs may be produced from ore piles and wood.

b)      Area 1: Easy to pass. There are a large number of monsters with low ability, players can kill then with little trouble.

c)       Area 2: The difficulty increases, not so many monsters, but they are quite strong, at least three experienced players are required to kill them. The terrain there is rugged.

1.       Dark passageways should confuse players.

2.       Lens's safe, open it after killing Lens.

3.       Defeat Lens and find the path to Cliff Valley, after that the teleportation spot to Cliff Valley will appear.

d)      Area 3: There are fewer monsters with high ability, but five players are required to kill them. Beautiful views and much fun relieve the pressure from players.

1.       Tamable Dinosaurs will turn up in Cliff Valley.

2.       Kill Barbarian Chieftain and obtain the key to the Ancient Grave

e)       Area 4: There are more puzzles which are set in the ancient grave, the monsters are also very strong. It’s the most difficult area.

1.       Use the key to the Ancient Grave and open the pass to play the Number Guessing Game once. If you are successful, then you can enter the grave. Otherwise, the five barbarians will come out to fight you.

2.       Five players in a group are needed to solve all the passes in the way. The passes are as follows:


3.       The gray pass is needed to step on, and when players step on enough gray passes, the red pass opens.

f)       Hurricane Island Lime Cave:

1.      Through the top floor of the ship, players can reach the beach on the other side and then leave Hurricane Island.

2.      It’s difficult to discover the path for it is concealed.



The Pirate Ship in Lime Cave


BOSS 1(left) in the ship


BOSS 2(right) in the ship


g)     Secret Cave of Hurricane Island:

        1.There are A, B, C, D, E five treasure chests in the Secret Cave. Players must open the chest from A to E in order. Each chest has a key inside. Chest A is at the door to the cave. For example, players can get a key from Chest A, this key is used to open Chest B. But if players use this key to open Chest C or Chest D or Chest E, those chests cannot be opened and the key to Chest B will disappear. Thus, Chest B can never be opened, but the key to Chest C is in Chest B, so Chest C can’t be opened either. Consequently, except for Chest A, the other four chests can never be opened. Take your time and be careful!


Treasures in the Secret Cave



Open the chests correctly and obtain the keys