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Guild System

Found a Guild

If you want to found a guild, you should satisfy underneath requirements: the skill of the character should be above level 11, the character should own 100 thousand silver, be supported by at least four players (party with four other players, the party leader would be the guild leader). You and your supporters shouldn be other guild’s member.

1. Constitution of the guild:

    1.1 The guild leader should entitle the guild, choose the symbol and establish the tenet when create the guild.
    1.2 Every guild has proprietary guild chat channel. All the members of the guild can broadcast messages to other guild members in guild chat channel.
    1.3 Every guild member has corresponding position in the guild. The position includes: leader (1), vice-leader (1),director (3), Executive officer (5), and common members. Members with different title have different rights in guild.
    1.4 The Executive officer may apply for a proprietary department. After being approved, the Executive officer has the right to establish his department.
    1.5 The amount of the guild member shouldn’t beyond 20. When the amount of guild member reaches the upper limit, the guild will not be able to receive new members.

2. Join or quit the guild

    2.1 The character can apply to join a guild, before being approved or refused by the guild the character is not allowed to apply for another guild. None but countermand the application, the character will be allowed to apply for other guilds. The character will become the formal member of the guild after being approved.
    2.2 All the guild members have the free choice to stay with or leave the guild. There is no limit in quitting the guild. If the leader quit the guild, the vice-leader will take place of his position. However, if there is a lack of vice- leader in the guild, the leader is not allowed to resign.
    2.3 The leader and vice-leader have the right to expel any common member. But the executive officer and director should be removed from post before being expelled.

3. Disbandment of the guild

    3.1 The guild is probably to be disbanded. After the disbandment, all the guild members change to be non-guild players and the money and wealth will be deducted by the system automatically.
    3.2 With one of underneath occasion, the guild would be disbanded: The guild leader disbands the guild of his own accord; The amount of the guild member is less than 5 and the situation last more than 24 hours.
    3.3 Disbandment of the department: The guild leader is able to dismiss the department directly. If the member of the department is less than 1, the department will be dismissed automatically. The members of the department will change to be non-department players after the disbandment of the department.

4. Authority in the guild

    4.1 Leader: Dismiss guild, dismiss department, broadcast announcement in guild channel, expel members, close the application of join, accept new members, nominate or dismiss the Director, Executive Officer and vice-leader, grant the department, bring the non-department players in the department or dismiss members from the department.
    4.2 Vice-leader: Inheritor of the leader, broadcast in guild channel, expel the members, dismiss the department, accept new members, nominate or dismiss the Director and Executive Officer, bring the non-department players in the department or dismiss members from the department.
    4.3 Director: Broadcast in guild channel, dismiss the department founded by himself/herself, accept new           members, nominate or dismiss the Executive Officer, apply to found a new department, bring the           non- department players in his/her department or dismiss members from his/her department.
    4.4 Accept new members of the guild.

5. The relation between guilds

There are three kinds of relations between guilds: Federation, Normal, and Opposition.

The number of position in the guild.