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Pirate System

The variety of pirate: The prerogative of pirate lies on the justifiable plunder and the inferiority of the pirate lies on the justifiable suppression from the righteous. Pirates are divided into two kinds: Piracy and Privateer. The distinction between them consists: The Piracy is allowed to plunder optionally while the Privateer is only allowed to do purposeful plunder with Privateering License.

Piracy: If you want to become a Piracy, you have to join a pirate gang. The basic requirement to join a pirate gang includes: certain Notoriety and certain Amity with the pirate gang. Your living style will be changed completely after you join the pirate gang. In order to become world-famous, the Piracy has to learn to grasp the good timing and geographical convenience, face with the menace from country battleships, and avoid the jealous attack from the fellow.

Privateer: If you want to become a Privateer, the process will be a bit troublesome. According to Navigation Law, the privateer should be a victim----had ever been plundered by the player from other country and grip the evidence of his guilt. If you satisfy these requirements, you can apply for a Privateering License. With the Privateering License, you will be allowed to plunder any ship in your enemy’s country to fetch up your lost. However, it’s necessary to remind you that your Amity Degree with that country will decrease and the player you plundered will have the opportunity to apply for the Pirvateering License to your country as revenge.

Suggestions: For pirate, the patrol ship and frigate are the most minatory trouble. Thus, it will be dangerous to be a pirate at initial stages. We suggest the wolves take on sheep’s clothing and keep the peace in early days and show your true colors when you are strong enough to sail out of Med.
Cape of Good Hope and Melacca are suitable places for the primary pirates since it is the only way for ocean trade. Pearl Armed Merchant Ship is your procurable target which will bring you rich profit. (Diamond Armed Merchant Ship is hard to take on, the self-glorification players can try to challenge.) Raiding, Grappling and head-to-head are suit for pirates in miniature battles while gunboat is the best choice for pirate party.