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Sea Storm

1 storm on the sea:

1.1 Weather on the sea is changeful. The furious rainstorm is rather dangerous. If you encountered dark clouds and lightning on high seas, you must keep away from it immediately, or you will be engulfed into the storm.

2 Encountering storm

2.1 If you were engulfed into the storm carelessly. The ship will be attacked fiercely by the storm. If you go on your voyage in the storms, the hull durability and sail durability will decrease largely, the sailors may be wounded and your ship has to face the instant dangerous to sink. However your voyage experience will increase largely.
2.2 Drop anchor and stop the ship when you encounter the storm, the damage to the hull and sail from the storm will decrease.

3 Escape from the storm

3.1 When encounter the storm, keep sailing at one direction for a few minutes will enable you to escape from the storm.
3.2 If the ship durability cannot sustain to escape from the storm, you should drop the anchor to repair the ship. Keep staying in one place for a period of time will also enable you to escape from the storm.