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Exploration System

1. Brief introduction to exploration system

Exploration system is one part of the game, which has a lot of content and a huge scope for the player to explore. The vast land and sea, the rural area in the city, the desolate and uninhabited island, and the bizarre new species, findings, vestiges will make the game a little bit difficult for the novice players. But when the players are capable enough of exploring the outside world, they will find that the whole exploration system will bring them great fun and will help them to develop more successfully in the future.

2. How to explore

In order to get findings, players need to sail on the high sea and look for shining spots near the shore, which means something special is hiding nearby. Players can begin their exploration by clicking the explore button in the operation menu and input the number of sailors dispatched. The more telescope player’s characters equipped, the more findings they can get. Players will acquire the discovery logbook of their findings if they find something. Sent the discovery logbook to the connoisseur, the players can get some money and boost their reputation.

3. Tips on exploration

    3.1 There are no specific requirements for exploration. Just the same as the ordinary game and sail. Check the geographic location and the coordinates when you land on the island for adventure or when you go into a cave. Take care the NPC on the island, they will attack you voluntarily and will do great damage on you while you are fighting with them. It’s suggested that players use ships of high speed for exploration, such as raiding ship, because it will be easy for raiding ship to escape from the chases of the pirates. It’s also suggested that players slow their ship down to explore. Because this can save provision of the convoy.
     3.2 When the players find new species or vestiges. The system will automatically record the name of the species or vestiges players have found in the logbook. Players who have found rare things can bring them back to the city where they are born and go to the appointed NPC for appraisal. It will increase their wealth and reputation by doing this. The rarer the players’ findings are, the more valuable the findings are, and the more reputation you will gain.