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Fight in a Sea Battle

1. Cannon fight
1.1 Precondition of cannon fight: Reconstruct your ship into an armed ship, equip with the figurehead of fire series and increase the amount and power of the cannons as much as possible. Prepare enough cannonballs, and if you are rich in silver coins, it’s suggested that you buy armor punching balls. You can buy cannons and cannon balls from the shipyard boss, and you can produce them by yourself too.
1.2 How to fire: After you have got the cannons and cannon balls ready, you can sail off and looking for the corsair and the smuggling ships to attack. The smuggling ship will appear in great amount at night. You can left click the mouse to select a target and then press the attack button or click the target continuously to attack the enemy. The smuggling ships will not come out in the day time, you can go to the battle field to fight with other armed ships. When the battle begins, it will turn into the scene in offing. The cannons are in the two sides of the ship, so you can only attack your enemy when he is in your cannon firing range. The cannon firing range in the small battle map is represented as a blue sector. You can fire at your enemy’s ship by left clicking the ship or pressing the attack button when the enemy’s ship is in your cannon firing range.
1.3 Tips on cannon fight: Due to the cannon firing range, you will have more advantage if you move your ship beyond the cannon firing degree of your enemy. It’s called the “T” type attack. You can get a skill point when you level up the sea battle skill to 4 levels. You can go back to the port and use the skill point to learn the special skill of sea battle from the skill master. Level up the special skill of cannon fight, you can equip cannons of higher level.
1.4 Types of cannon: Cannons are divided into normal cannon, howitzer, buckshot cannon, cannon, quick firer, cannon, dartling cannon. The attribute of normal cannon is average; the howitzer and the cannon has the longest firing range; buckshot cannon has a wide firing degree; the quick-firer and the dartling cannon has the highest firing speed.

2. Grappling battle
2.1 Preconditions of grappling: Your sea battle skill must reach 4 levels and you must learn the skill of grappling. You must buy a grappling from the shipyard boss and equip it on your ship. The land battle skills are at best over 11 levels.
2.2 How to grapple
Enter the battle field, and stay closed to your enemy’s ship. Then you can right click the grappling sign (in the sea operation part of the operation interface). When you successfully grapple your enemy’s ship, it will switch to the scene of grappling battle. If you fail to grapple your enemy’s ship, it’ll take 20seconds to grapple again.
2.3 Strategy of close fight
You can use the same way to operate close fight as you do in the land battle. There are 3 kinds of strategy in the close fight for you to choose. First, you can win by killing the captain of your enemy. Second, you can win by breaking the backstay of your enemy. Third, cut off all the grappling and run away, which means you lose.
2.3 Tips on close fight
You can use the skill of medicine to cure your sailors. You can also run away by cutting off all the grappling when you are in inferior position.

3. Mines
3.1 Conditions to us mines: Since the trading ships can not equip many cannons, it can equip mines. The higher your ship’s level is, the better the mines you can equip are.
3.2 How to use mines
Mines will do great damage to large numbers of enemy, but you will also be accidentally damaged by the mines. After you equip the mines on your ship, the sign of mine will appear in operation menu. Drag the sign into the shortcut column, and then you can use the shortcut key to release the mines.

4. Ramming
4.1 Conditions of ramming: Your sea battle skill must reach 4 levels and you must learn the skill of ramming. You must buy a ram from the shipyard boss and equip it on your ship. The others requirements are the same as the cannon fight.
4.2 How to ram: Ramming is just an assistant attacking method in sea battle. For the most part, you have to win a battle by cannon fight and grappling. In the sea battle, you can choose a target and click the ramming button. Then you can turn your ship to your enemy and attack them.