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Ships Rebuild

Ships Rebuild

1. Ship rebuilding

1.1 You can ask Shipyard Boss to rebuild your ship when you satisfy with the requirement on level, material and gold.

1.2 Every time you rebuild your ship, the attribute of the ship will be increased largely. Along with the rebuilding level upgrade, the expenditure will also increase.

1.3 In game, different cities provide different level ship-rebuilding service. The service and corresponding cities are as followed:

Level 1----Athens

Level 2----Genoa

Level3 to 4---Algiers

Level 5 to 6---- Seville

Level 7 to 8---- Hamburg

Level 9---- Muscat

Level 10----Zhigu and Seoul

2. There are three types of ships

2.1 Military Warships give priority to the Maximum Cannon Amount.

2.2 Maneuverable Exploration Ships give priority to Sailor Amount, Speed and Propulsion.

2.3 Structured Merchant Ships give priority to Loading Capacity and Durability.