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1. Brief introduction to mining

Mining is to get the ores form nature, then smelt the ores into metal. In the game, every weapon, ship armor, ship ram, figurehead and high level armor are produced by metal.

2. Precondition of mining
 Find the skill tutor and learn the mining skill. Players can learn the mining skill of 1 level, the level 1 special skill of ore research and a pickaxe of low quality. You are able to mine after you are equipped with the pickaxe.

3. How to mine The ore is usually located on the rural area or the island. When everything is ready, players can move the character to an area specifically designed for mining. After getting the pickaxe ready, you can look for stones for mining. You can find stones that can be mined by moving the mouse onto them. If a stone is able to be mined, it will give you a signal. Then, you can begin mining by left clicking the mouse.

4. The usage of tools
4.1 The durability of the pickaxe will decrease during its usage, and it can’t be fixed. When the durability of the pickaxe drops to 1, it can’t be used again, you have to go to the blacksmith to buy a new one.
4.2 Pickaxes of middle or high level will have higher durability and can be used for a much longer time. Furthermore, it’ll increase the axe skill experience if the players fight with pickaxes.

5. The acquisition of resources
5.1 Every resources gathering area will have ores of three different grade. The higher the grade of ore is, the harder for the player to acquire it.
5.2 For example: Players can find a lot of ores of 1st grade, a handful of ores of the 2nd grade and a few ores of the 3rd grade in suburb area of Athens.
5.3 When all the ores have been mined, they can’t be mined again. It will cost a few days for the resources to recover.

6. Special skills of mining
6.1 Special skills of mining include ore research, mining practice, mining stamina.
6.2 The grade of ore mined depends on the skill of ore research.
 6.3 Level up the skill of mining practice will increase the ability to bear weight of the character and will enable the character to carry more material.
6.4 Level up the skill of mining stamina, will increase the stamina points of the character and make the mining time last longer.

7. Smelt of ores
7.1 Players can not produce the ores directly into equipment before the ores are smelt into metal.
7.2 Every 3 ores can be smelted into a metal. There is no fail rate in smelting activity. Each smelting activity will cost 5 stamina points. Ores of high grade can be smelted into metals of low level; however, ores of low grade can not be smelted into metal of high level.
7.3 Ores that are kept in the warehouse can be smelted into metals too.