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Basic Skills




Voyage skill level influences the available special skill and the available kinds of the ships. Voyage in the high sea may increase the voyage experience and then upgrade the level. Now, the open voyage special skills include alert, pursuit and full-speed. 


Using alert special skill will consume 30 SP with 10 continuous seconds —increase 5 continuous seconds for every upgraded special skill. Increase the damage temporarily from cannon attack to the opponent and decrease your damage. However, you should sail at the lowest speed.


Using pursuit special skill will consume 30 SP with 10 continuous seconds —increase 5 continuous seconds for every upgraded special skill. Increase the voyage speed temporarily. However, the damage of the ship hull from the opponent will increase. And the hit rate of the cannon will decrease. Using the special skill need choose a goal first.

Full Speed

Using full speed special skill will consume 30 SP with 10 continuous seconds —increase 5 continuous seconds for every raising special skill. Increase the speed greatly temporarily. However, you can’t do cannon attack. The special skill only can be used when the sail durability is below 60%.




Eloquence level influences the bargain in trade and the article level you could purchase in booths. It influences the kind and price of article you are able to be purchase. There is a bourse in the game, where players could buy and sell the articles. Players could get the profit via selling the scare articles in a city. However the profit is not invariable. It depends on the supply and demand for the articles in the city. Profit from trade and experience from eloquence is proportional. Only attaining profit by selling articles purchased from trade place, eloquent experience and ship-building experience can increase. The experience won’t increase if the article was given from others or picked by the road. Special skills in eloquence are as followed:
Purchasing: Purchasing level is higher and the article level you can purchase is higher.


The higher level of the character is, the higher level merchandize the player can buy.  


It is a passive skill. It may decrease the money you will be extorted by the pirates with the increase of the level.


It is a passive skill. With the upgrade of the skill,it may increase the kind and quantity of the articles in your booth.



Sea battle

Sea battle level influences the battle skills usable in the sea battle. Battling on the sea will increase the sea battle experience and then upgrade the sea battle level. Now the open sea battle special skills are cannon fight, ramming and grappling.

Cannon Fight

It is a passive skill, influencing the cannon level and the cannon hit rate. As long as you have cannon and cannon balls, you can come to the cannon battle. Different cannon fire ranges and shooting angles will have different loading times. There are many kinds of cannon balls. Their damages to the ship hull, sail and sailor are different. When the hull durability drops to zero, the ship will wreck. Sail durability decides the speed of ship. The quantity of sailors has something with the battle force when grappling and with the speed of ship. When the health of sailor reaches zero, the ship will wreck, too. Click the cannon ball icon between two loading bars and you can change ammunition.


Using the special skill can ram the aim, and this will consume 10 SP. It influences the ship’s ram level. Using the skill needs choose an aim first. When the ship is equipped with ram, the skill can be used. If the ram is successful, the damage to the opponent is great. Damage from ramming has something with the ship ram and the ship speed. After successfully ramming, the ram durability will decrease.


Using the special skill can grapple the aim, and this will consume 10 SP. It influences the ship’s grappling level and the success rate of grappling. Using the skill need to choose an aim first. When two ships are closed, the skill can be used. However, you should equip the grappling kits first. The success rate of grappling relates to the number of the sailors on the ship. After successfully grappling, you will enter the battle scene on board. The captains and 5 sailors participate in the battle. The 5 sailors’ attributes are decided by the captain’s character attribute and the number of healthy sailors on the ship. There are three attacking aims in the scene, the opponent, the grapple and the opponent’s ship mast. The mast durability reflects the ship hull durability. When you kill out the opponents and damage their mast, you triumph. If the grapple is damaged, the grappling battle is over, and you will come back to sea battle scene. Both the ships will loss some sailors.

Bare-handed Fighting

It influences the hitting rate, the basic attack and the basic defense when you are bare-hand. And it also influences the dodging rate, the Max HP and the Max SP. Bare-handed fighting against the monsters can increase the experience point of bare-handed fighting skill and then upgrade the skill level. You need 5 navigating skill levels and then you can learn the skill.