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Classification of Reputation and Noble Titles

Classification of Reputation and Noble Titles

Noble titles are divided into 13 levels. The Noble Titles in different countries are as followed:

Kingdom noble titles:

Commoner, Warrior, Hero, Knight, Chevalier, Baronet, Baron, Viscount,Count (Countess), Marquis (Marquise), Duke (Duchess), Arch-duke, Royal Highness.

Chinese noble titles:

Commoner, Scholar, Academician, Zhanshi,Doctor, Xiaowei,Assistant Minister,Cavalier,Minister,Du Wei (military officer sub-general),Tai Fu (a powerful official),General,Tai Shi

Japanese noble titles:

Commoner, Samurai, Ninja, Rojin, Zu Qing Tou, Group leader, Thing head,
Zu Qing Gerneral, Si General, Ninja Leader, Jia Lao, Xiu Lao

Korean noble titles:

Commoner, discuss political affairs, du ti tiao, pan shu, Zhi Shi, Can Pan, Shang Shan, caretaker, Can Yi, Bie Jiang, Si Jian, Grand guards, Bu Jiang.

Pirate noble titles:

Wanderers,Peg Leg,Iron Hand,Metal Tooth,Golden Eye,Jackal,Falcon,Flying Tiger,Skeleton,Devil,Hades,Great Pirate,Pirate King