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Function of Reputation and Noble Title

Noble title and Title are the particular systems of Voyage Century. It not only gives you different appellations, but also affects the characters on every aspect in the game, no matter in production or a battle, you will differ from other players in your Noble Titles and your Title. In the game, you will boost your reputation by attacking the pirates or identifying the findings. If your character dies, the reputation will decrease.

The relation between PK and reputation: At present, as there is no PVP system designed in battle, once you attack others, the character system will consider it as PK. The color of your character's name will be changed from blue to purple. If you kill the opponent, the color of your name will be changed to light red.
It's worth noticing that if your reputation equal to the opponent's or is lower than the opponent's, your reputation will increase; meanwhile, the opponent's will decrease when you attack them. On the contrary, if the opponent's reputation is lower than yours, your reputation will decrease when you attack your opponent, but the opponents' keeps the same. Meanwhile, your notoriety will increase.
The increase of reputation will give you more rights. For example, you can do public chatting, and you can wear larruping clothes to increase the character attribute. After your reputation reaches a certain degree, you can apply for noble title in the appointed NPC in every city. Application for noble title will cost you some silver.
When your certain skill reaches a certain level, you can apply for Title from the NPC Skill Master. Application for Title will cost you some silver. Others will recognize your profession and relevant information conveniently by your Title.