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Skills Learning

Learning Skills

1.Skill introduction

1.1 There are 17 skills for the characters: navigation, sea battle, eloquence, sword-playing, falchion-playing, axe- playing, shooting, medicine, bare-hand fighting, mining, timber-felling, planting, fishing, foundry, sewing, alchemy and ship building.

1.2 There are two stages in every skill, initial skill and promotion skill. Initial skill can be upgraded to level 31, and promotion skill can be upgraded to level 100. The new created character owns a promotion skill: navigation (upper limit: 100 level), and three initial skills: sea battle, eloquence, and bare-hand fighting. Other skills should be learnt from skill masters in the game. The masters are usually at the city gates. Every character can learn initial skills without limit, but only 7 promotion skills.

2. Learning Skills

2.1 Search for skill masters at the city gates, and talk with them, then the skills are learnt. Except 4 inborn skills of navigation, eloquence, bare-hand fighting and sea battle, other skills are required to learn with skill masters.

2.2 Initial skills, promotion skills and special skills are required to learn from skill masters.

3. Introduction to special skills

3.1 When the skill is increased 4 levels, one skill point is attained. As long as you have enough skill points, special skill promotion can be done.

3.2 In addition to required skill points in every special skill, you need some money for special skills promotion. More special skills promotion needs more money. The novice in the birth city just can learn 3 level special skills.

3.3 Besides passive skills, using skills and special skills will consume energy. Energy can be recovered through sitting for a rest or using recovery potion.