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Familiarize yourself with game interfaces.

Land Interface 

1. Mini map
2. System Notice
3. Character Figure
4. Health Points and Stamina Points
5. Silver
6. Chatting Scroll Bar
7. Chat Log
8. Overall Map Button
9. Current Scene
10. Current Coordinate
11. Logbook, Record events, missions and findings. 
12. Character information: the character attribute, the skills, the society class
13. Ship information: attribute of the ship, the goods, the equipment on the ship
14. Interaction: the members in the party, the buddy list, guild
15. Instruction: special skills, action, skills
16. System : log off, resume, settings, sound setting, chat setting, game function
17. Voyage Calendar : appear the time in the game
18. Shortcut button : the shortcut buttons for all special skills and the changeable shortcut buttons
19. Shortcut Column: left click the shortcut column, and it will appear the used items, skills and the shortcut buttons according to the column.
20. Chat Entry Frame: public chat, private chat, guild chat, party chat, and common.

Sea Interface 

21. Information about hull durability, Sail durability, Sailors and Stamina Points
22. Provisions
23. Cannon shoot eyeshot
24. The variety and amount of cannon ball. Click the button to change the variety of cannon ball.
25. Shooting Time Setting
26. Slow-down or Speed-up button