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Game Scene

Game Scene

Game scenery is an indispensable part of the game. The beautiful, colorful and attractive visuals in the gamers will not only give you great relaxing time, but also enhance the game play. 
On the high sea: the oceans connect everything and by everything we mean everything. All cities, islands and continents lay out amid high seas.

Offshore: You enter the cities through offshore waters from the high seas. Offshore you can enjoy fishing and other leisure activities, but your ship will not be re-supplied. If your Amity to the city is negative, its gun emplacements will attack you. Of course every one sleeps, so the guns are silent at night, so those scurvy pirates can do what they do best and sneak into ports after dark.

City District: The City District holds most facilities that the game offers. You trade in Exchange. You purchase tools and equipment from Alchemists, Blacksmiths and Tailors. And you deposit/withdraw money and items in/from Bank and Warehouse. You invest in city and increase Amity from Official Residence. Scientists help you appraise findings. King controls the distribution of ranks of nobility. In plus larger city holds Churches and Taverns.

City Map(Press Alt+M to enter map. Left click to navigate.)


Dock: The Dock is, of course near the sea, holding shipyards and piers. You can turn to Shipyard Boss for ships repairs, rebuilding, equipment purchase and heading upgrade. You can also find Dockers to recruit sailors, heal sailors, bring in new supplies and manage dock. Some docks even hold Exchange and Alliance centers.

Dock Map:(Press Alt+M to enter and left click to navigate.)

Suburb: Suburb is your chance to discover most resources, like timber, ores, seeds and etc. You can plant seeds in the suburb. In addition suburbs are home to many animals. So you can go hunting out there. Some suburbs have areas like Mystic Cavern, Relics and Labyrinth. For example, you can find Pyramid in the suburb of Alexander, and Hanging Garden in the suburb of Basra.


Suburb Map(Press Alt+M to enter and left click to navigate.)



Tavern: Great place to find some simple jobs to earn money and Medical Knowledge. In addition, you get to pick intelligence, recruit sailors and heal injured sailors. Remember, it’s cheaper to recruit sailors in Taverns than at docks.
Church: Talk to priests to bring back your HP and SP. Donate silver coins to bring down Notoriety.
Freeport: Free ports do not belong to any country, and no soldiers are stationed here. They hold basic facilities though including supply points, Taverns, Shipyard, Exchange, ITEM SHOP, blacksmith, Item Shop and the persons in charge of various Alliances.
Adventure Island: Adventure Island a lush island filled with fierce monsters and precious treasures, heaven for those hardcore adventures.
Labyrinth: Labyrinths are filled to the brim with precious treasures and valuable findings and dangers unknown. 
Pirate Island: Bandit Camp is the place pirates live. On the island, Pirates can deposit items, recruit sailors and apply for ranks of nobility with Pirate leader. They usually fence their looted goods on the black market.
Prisons: If you take the initiative to attack and kill other players, your Notoriety would go up with each kill. When you enter a city with Notoriety greater than 0, you will be thrown into prison by guards. You may wipe out your rap sheet and increase your Amity with the country. But your title would be demoted by one level provided you have one. So it is so unfavorable for most pirates, so they would rather to try a prison break.