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Battle System

Battle System

Two types of battle modes are available in VCO, Sea Battle and Land Battle.

Sea Battle

Get Shipyard boss for necessary equipment/supplies, and get ready to sail out to sea with Docker's help. There are many Merchant ships, Battle Ship in patrol and ubiquitous Pirate Ship on the seas. Click on certain ships to enter battle. NPS sometimes will take the initiative to attack players. There are 3 types of battle in total including Cannon Battle,Grappling Battle,Ramming. You need to learn specific stunts to be able to enter these battle modes.

     Cannon Battle
You are up for a Cannon Battle after you have Cannons and Cannonballs in place which vary at firing range, firing angle and shell-loading time. When your Ship's Hull Durability runs out, your ship is bound to sink. Ship's Sail Durability would influence speed. The number of Sailors would decide your attack prowess and ship's speed in Grappling battle. If your ship runs out of healthy sailors, it will sink. Click on Cannonball icon to switch to Cannonballs loading. 

    Grappling Battle
When Ships of both sides come in close proximity, they can grapple if they have the proper equipment. Grappling comes with a success rate which is associated with number of sailors. When Grappling succeeds, the opposing sides enter battle with captain and 5 Sailors fighting for each side. Players attack three targets in Grappling Battle such as opposing Sailors or captain, Pothook and Mast. Kill your opposing characters or destroy opposing mast to win Grappling Battle. Grappling Battle is over if Pothook is destroyed.


  Players need to equip Ships with Ram to initiate Ramming Battle. A successful ramming would deal a great amount of damage to your opposing Ship. The impact is determined by Ship's speed and ramming angle. Ram's Durability will be reduced after being rammed successfully. The vessel equipped with a collision angle can be launched with the stunt struck.


Land Battle 
     Land Battle Methods
Familiarize a weapon using skills and then upgrade it.
Equip yourself with armor. And stock Healing Potions if you can.
Land Battle Approach
In the wilderness battle, the mouse would turn into the shape of your weapon or fist. Click to attack.
Hold CTRL to lock target.
Use Shortcut key for stunts.

     Land Battle Techniques
Each weapon in Land Battle has its own advantages and otherwise. A Sword is weak at attacking but comes with good hitting percentage. Falchion is average at attacking but good at defense. Axe is great at dealing damage but slow and not so good at defense. Gun boasts the best range, but its accuracy percentage is relatively low and its defense is also unsatisfactory. Healing is recommended, which would bring back your HP quick in battle. Each combat skill comes with Stunt, which would improve your fighting ability greatly. Team combat helps defense. Every target that a team killed brings 10% Exp to every member in the team.