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Register and Install


1. Visit the registering page:
2. Registering an IGG Passport ID, i.e. you create an IGG Passport "VoyageCentury01", then your log in account will be "VoyageCentury01".
3. Read the user agreement carefully. Please make sure that you can understand it well and are willing to abide it.
4. Complete the registering form carefully, please make sure that your personal information is valid. The information will help you to find your account back when your account is missing or when you forget your password.
5. You have to activate your account after registration. Thereafter, you can log in and play Voyage Century.


Step 1.Download the updated Game Client setup program.. 
Step 2. Double-click the setup program to enter the installation interface.
Step 3. Read the License Agreement carefully and confirm to continue.

Step 4.Select folder where the setup will install files and click Next to confirm.

Step 5. Install the affixation tasks to create a shortcut on the desk or Rapid-running Column.

Step 6. Confirm the location and start installing.

Step 7. Enter Installing status.

Step 8. Finish installing and confirm.

Step 9. Double-click the shortcut icon on the desk to run Voyage Century and enter the game.