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Auto Planting Introduction

1. The Auto-planting Card must be worn before starting auto planting.

2. The Auto-planting Card must be positioned to where the badge is worn and looks the same as a Forestry Centre Passport.

3. The Auto-planting Card has a validity duration. After being purchased, its validity duration will take effect whether or not it is used. This item is bound on pick up. The validity duration for the official version is 31 days (about 44640 minutes)

4. Right click the seeds in the package to start planting after the Auto-planting Card is worn. Only plants of the same kind can be grown. Clicking seeds of different kinds will stop auto planting.

5. Auto-planting takes 4 minutes to complete. The maximum number of seeds for auto planting is 32 (that is, players must wait until the 32nd seed has been planted before starting auto planting again.)

6. Plants will be placed into a package, Cabin and Warehouse. If there is no warehouse, it will fail to place plants in it.