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1. The usage of warehouse

Players can deposit your items in Warehouse for safekeeping. There are two Warehouse Managers in each city who you can talk with to deposit or withdraw your items. The items in Warehouse will be well kept and never lose even if you die.

2. Warehouse Transfer

Your Warehouse will be set in your birthplace initially. When you need to deposit items in other cities, you can apply for a new warehouse from local Warehouse Managers. It will cost you much silver. You can apply for two warehouses at most in other cities. If you don’t want to spend large amount of money on it, you can transfer your former warehouse to current locality; however, all items in your former warehouse will be confiscated.

3. Warehouse Investment

A warehouse is capable of holding 18 articles which within 500 loads in total. If you need to enlarge your warehouse load, you can invest your warehouse by application from Warehouse Manager. It will cost you 500 silvers for one load. However, the amount of items that you can deposit will not increase.