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Consume and Resume Stamina

Consume and Resume Stamina

1. Consume Stamina

1.1 Except for passive skills, most skills will consume certain stamina, including collecting and production.

1.2 City chat and public chat will consume stamina.

2. Resume Stamina

2.1 Stamina will be resumed automatically but slowly. Sitting down to have a rest will speed up the resumption of your stamina.

2.2 Using Healing Potion will resume stamina quickly. Higher-level potions have larger capacity. However, the amount of resumption in every second is the same.

2.3 Upgrade Healing skill will increase the efficiency of using potions. 5 stamina points will be resumed in every second without using Healing skill, and 6 stamina points will be resumed in every second with level 1 Healing skill while 7 points with level 2 Healing skill, and you can deduce the rest from this.