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Ready to Launch out


Launching out

1 Purpose to launch out

1.1 Before launching out, make sure what do you want to do, trade, sea battle or adventure. On different purposes, different preparation will be required. 
2 Necessary preparations
2.1 Ship situation: check whether the ship is all right, if not, go to the Shipyard Boss’s for repairing. If the sail is damaged, the speed of your ship will be lowered.
 2.2 Provision: You should make sure if the provision on your ship is enough according to the voyage distance, quantity of sailors and the shipload. At the beginning of voyage, it is enough for the captain to carry several hundreds of provision.
 2.3 Sailors: if there are wounded sailors, they should be cured at the Docker’s. When recruiting sailors, the amount of the sailor should be half of the max. Thus, the speed of your ship will be ensured and the provision will be saved.

3 Voyage notice

 3.1 The amount of sailor is one of the factors that influence the voyage speed. If you want to reach the highest speed, you can recruit all the sailors. However, your provision consumption will accelerate, and can’t afford long-time voyage.
3.2 If you want to save the provision, it is quite enough for you to recruit necessary number of sailors.
3.3 In the voyage, if the provision is not enough, you can lower the sail. Then you can decrease the provision consumption. Of course, the speed will decrease, too.
3.4 The ship armors will not occupy the load.
3.5 If the ship load is beyond 70%, the speed will be influenced obviously.
3.6 It is possible to encounter the pirate’s ship when sailing on the public sea. You can choose to bribe, or you can choose to attack. If the pirate ship’s level is low, you can threaten it or escape to avoid a battle. However, if you fail, the battle is inevitable.

 4The prompt to the voyage situation