The time must be between December 19th 2008(EST) and December 21st 2008(EST).

Rod Package Giveaway

It certainly does get cold during the winter! While you're bundling on extra clothes, remember that fish don't know what season it is above the surface. So get out your pole and do celebrate the season with a bit of fishing! This weekend only we will be giving away rod packages to players to encourage them to go fishing. This handy set contains a rod, a fine fishing rod, navigation fishing rod and a deep-sea fishing rod. If you were putting off that ice fishing expedition until you had the perfect rod, well, wait no more!

Giveaway Duration:
December 19th to December 21st

Package Contains:
Rod, Fine Fishing Rod, Navigation Fishing Rod, Deep-sea Fishing Rod

Event Rules:  

1. Use your account to login and click the button bellow, after which you will receive the package.

2. Players with an account can receive one package once only. An IP address can be used only once to obtain one package.

3. These packages are not available for players registered after December 19th.