Q: Is there any profession division in Voyage Century?
Q: How to sail off when I have a ship?
Q: It is possible to occupy a port?
Q: Can pirates enter a port?
Q: What are the advantages of being a pirate?
Q: What does findings used for?
Q: Is there any requirement in organizing a guild?
Q: How to chat with other players?
Q: It’s troublesome to input the name of the other person to start private chat,...
Q: What does production mean?
Q: Can we plant crops in the game?
Q: What does protection period mean?
Q: Can I have my ship upgraded?
Q: How to upgrade my ship?
Q: Without profession and level, how to become a master-hand?
Q: How to be a pirate?
Q: What does offing and high sea mean in the game?
Q: How to learn special skill?
Q: What are the seeds that I collected in the wild used for?
Q: What will happen if the ship sinks?
Q: Can I go to the other port if I don’t have a ship.
Q: Can I name my own ship?
Q: Is there a weather system? What’s the effect on the player?
Q: How to upgrade your skill?
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