Q: Will the resource be exhausted when collecting? How long will it take to recover?
Q: What attribute of the ship will be upgraded when each attribute level up?
Q: How to make money in game?
Q: When I login the game, the system prompts, “The user has been online or cannot...
Q: What should I do to protect my account or game items being stolen or cheated?
Q: How many ships can be used in one sea battle?
Q: How to learn skills in game?
Q: How to use the skill?
Q: How to change the angle ?
Q: Can the angle be locked?
Q: How to speed up the running of the game?
Q: How to shift the weapon?
Q: Why my Fire Gun can’t be used after being equipped?
Q: Can Fire Gun be loaded when moving?
Q: Where can I buy weapon?
Q: Where can I buy ship?
Q: How to make a party with others?
Q: How to exchange with others?
Q: How to vend?
Q: How to purchase goods?
Q: Is PK allowable in Voyage Century?
Q: How to PK?
Q: Is there any punishment on PK?
Q: Why was I being put in the prison after being killed?
Q: How can I get out of the prison?
Q: How long will you spend in prison for killing one ‘man’? And...
Q: If a player were offered a reward, how long will the reward last?
Q: If the rewarded player was killed by others, he will drop some experience. Does the...
Q: Will the item drop when the character dies?
Q: What does silver coins used for? How many silver coins can players take along side...
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