Q: What’s the genre of Voyage Century? Where can I download the Client and...
Q: What’s the config requirement for Voyage Century?
Q: How to check if my Graphics Card satisfies the requirement to circulate the game?
Q: After installing the client and circulate the game, the system prompt that...
Q: My Graphics Card used in the Mainboard is compositive, can I circulate the game...
Q: What should I do if the RAM is not large enough?
Q: What should I do if CRC error happens when I install the Client?
Q: After installing the client, the game still cannot be circulated, the system prompt...
Q: Why my screen appears snow when I enter the game?
Q: Must the DirectX be the newest edition?
Q: The decompression stops when 99% has been finished, what’s the problem?
Q: The system prompts, “Cannot connect to server” when I run the game....
Q: Does Voyage Century charge?
Q: How many roles are there in Voyage Century?
Q: How to delete the character?
Q: How to Print the screen when you play the game?
Q: How to operate the game?
Q: Will the items lose when transfers the warehouse?
Q: How many kinds of ship are there in Voyage Century?
Q: How many grades the ships can be divided?
Q: What’s the figurehead? Can figurehead be upgraded?
Q: What’s the advantage to upgrade the figurehead? Will the figurehead disappear...
Q: How many types of figurehead are there in the game, and what’s the difference?
Q: What will happen if you make a party on the sea?
Q: How many modes of party are there in Voyage Century?
Q: What’s the difference between the two modes?
Q: Under what situation will the modes be shifted automatically?
Q: Will the party member still follow the leader when come into sea battle scene?
Q: How to count the level of pirates will the party encounter on the high seas?
Q: How the loss caused by blackmailed will be partook?
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