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Voyage Century Online: Sailing with Dragons

Dec 27, 2007

The new edition of Voyage Century Online----Doom Treasure----has been released now for two weeks. The new instance map "Hurricane Island" is a real eye popper. It holds many surprises for all of the players. New Bosses, new monsters, new equipment…All of these things are exciting. But of course, our brand-new pets, dragons are by far the most fantastic new edition to the game.

Should you venture to Seville one of the first things you will see is an imposing Stegosaur.  It may give you a shock but not as much as seeing your first dragon.  These pets are highly prized in Voyage Century Online.  In addition there are also Snow White Rabbits, Fierce Tigers, Cute but Cunning Foxes, Speedy Jackals, to name a few.  As well as the brand new Stegosaurus, Deinonychus ,there are also Lion and Vulture, which are always the firm favorites of our players.

It is not so easy to capture a dragon and make it to be your pet. Hurricane Island in Voyage Century Online, covered by mysterious smog, is a dangerous island in the sea around North America. Players will find it difficult to get close to it. If you want to explore this island, you will need to have a powerful exploration group and plenty of supplies. Then you can go home with a dragon.

On this island there are many places of interest such as the Mine Caves, Lizard Cave and Cliff Valley. But it’s not all fun and games your way may be blocked by such fiends as the Gorilla King, Tyrannosaurus King, various other monsters and dangerous caves. You should be very careful when you are on the Hurricane Island.

This instance map was inspired by the mysterious “Skull Island” in the famous movie “King Kong”. If you enjoyed the fights between man and all of the fantastical creatures in that movie then you are sure to love this Island.

Now, many players have made it their primary objective to carefully explore Hurricane Island. So everyday, more and more characters are landing on its shores. And how can refuse the chance of getting a fashionable and cool dinosaur?