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Voyage Century- Christmas Activities

Dec 5, 2007

Christmas is almost here, and to celebrate, the Voyage Century (http://vc.igg.com/) team will be holding some interesting activities.

Reindeer Hunting

Key Man: Santa

Event Requirement:
Reputation>=65,000 & Notoriety=0

Quest Contents: Santa lost his 6 reindeer, and he will not be able to give out Christmas gifts without them. If players can find 6 reindeer and bring them back, they will be offered big rewards.(not repeatable)

Event Rewards:
Reputation: 20000, Coin: 10 million,1 Christmas Gift Package.

Voyage Century: Christmas Surprises
In addition, the Voyage Century team will be giving players 3 big surprises during the Christmas holidays..

First Surprise: With the new version of Voyage Century,"Doom Treasure"coming in Dec, players who register accounts in the new version will be offered a Dragon Head Cannon Battleship, Navigation Star, and Star of Land which are all very useful items for beginners.

Second Surprise:
When the new version is launched, players can enjoy one and a half experience for 7 days.

Third Surprise:
The Voyage Century team will be holding some interesting online activities with big rewards. 20,000 reputation,a Christmas costume (worth 14 USD) and 10 million coins are waiting for players if they can find Santas six reindeer.

Visit the official VCO website for more information: http://vc.igg.com/

Happy Holidays from everyone at IGG and Voyage Century Online!