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Using the Faith Compounding System

Jan 2, 2014

Examples of Faith Fusion Effects


     Henceforth, you may allow your Faith to compound a greater number of attributes, such as giving a HYDRA HUGE-ROCK an addition 7 DRs, turning it into a powerful defensive item of 120 DEFENSE and 14 DR , or you can imbue your HYDRA HUGE-ROCK with a “Cannon Hit” Attribute, allowing it to become an amphibious item. You can even give your item another special attribute, as shown in the picture below.

     These stunning upgrades could be yours if you just visit the Faith Fusion Master in Tripoli Port (-47 - 128) to perform the upgrade. In order to get this upgrade you would need Gold Faith Upgrade Card.

    Firstly, open the interface as shown below and place your Faith in the red-colored rectangle.

     Following which, choose a tab and a compound action and click on the “Compound” button. At this moment the system will prompt you to use a certain number of Gold Faith Update Cards to upgrade your Faith/Belief. Different compound options require a different number of Gold Faith Update Cards.  If you are satisfied with the new attributes of your Faith/Belief, you should hit the “Save” button so that the attributes may then be saved.  If you are dissatisfied with them,  you should click on “Cancel”, then the new attributes will not be saved.

Fusion instructions:

     The characters in white represent the attributes to be added.  Whenever you perform a compounding action there will be a different attribute received. The attribute will undergo an overall rise. though not without oscillations. with future compounding actions. The red characters are what is called the fluctuating effect. These are attributes that the Faith/Belief gains when the attribute shown in white reaches a certain level.

The Faith Compounding Diagram is shown as below:

     The attributes increase in value from the left to the right. At A it is 0. B, C and D are important watermarks. When Beliefs/Faiths first start to compound ?their attributes  oscillate between points A and B(for example ,the first time :50 ,second time :30,third time :20,forth time: 60 ,fifth time: 50…). If after a compound action, the attribute value reaches within the B -C range, then the following compound action will result in an attribute value that oscillates between B and C.  While there is a possibility that the attributes obtained might be larger than those at C, the values of these attributes will not be smaller than B.

    After multiple compounds, we will receive attributes larger in value than D. By this time, Beliefs/Faiths will receive fluctuating effects.  In all ensuing compound actions, the attribute will be oscillating between D and E, so all such actions will result in the receiving of a fluctuating effect.

    Also, if a player picks the Land (Expert) tab to compound one’s Faiths /Beliefs and receives a fluctuating effect when upgraded, then the Faith/Belief that the player chooses in the Land (Advance) and Land (Basic) tabs with fluctuating effects will also receive fluctuating effects. However, when the player chooses a fusion option in the Land (Basic) tab and it results in a Faith/Belief attribute with a fluctuating effect, when the player chooses a new Faith to fuse in the Land (Expert) or Land (Advance) tabs, the newly upgraded Faith will not necessary have a Fluctuating Effect.

Notice: Each Faith can only save one new attribute to be gained from Compounding.