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Hot Sale Promotion(Jan 16th - 17th)

Jan 13, 2023

Mall items can always make your game exploration a bit easier. For this reason, this promotion will offer you a chance to stock up the most useful items at an amazing discounted price. The following items will be on sale for a limited time only! So many sales, and so little time, so act fast!

Event duration: 0:01am Jan 16th to 11:59pm Jan 17th EST(GMT-5)

Item Price Amount
Meditative Essence (Epic) 40 100
Forge Stone 150 20
Tide(Permanent) 1500 3
The Hydra's Huge Undead Head 1900 3
Expedition Military Will - Blood thirst 2400 3
Expedition Military Will - Persistence 2400 3
Expedition Military Will - Steadiness 2400 3
Expedition Military Will - Fighting Desire 3200 3

VC Service Center : http://service.sns.us.browsergame.com/tickets.php?gid=5