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Hot Sale Promotion(Aug 5th - 6th)

Aug 5, 2022

Mall items can always make your game exploration a bit easier. For this reason, this promotion will offer you a chance to stock up the most useful items at an amazing discounted price. The following items will be on sale for a limited time only! So many sales, and so little time, so act fast!

Event duration: 0:01am Aug 5th to 11:59pm Aug 6th EST(GMT-5)

Item Price Amount
Aerodynamic Brace 45 20
Mine Cave Passport for 168 Hours 75 200
Telance Combat Helmet 80 50
Telance Combat Armor 80 50
Olihakan Crystal 100 50
Tough Blood(Perfect) 135 80
Blood Stone(Perfect) 210 80

VC Service Center : http://service.sns.us.browsergame.com/tickets.php?gid=5