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The Lord of Suez Cannel

Jul 15, 2022

Dear Captains,

      Attention Captains! There’s a new conflict that requires your special expertise. Head southeast of China to Yizhou, and quell the rising tensions. Hurry! We’re counting on you!
      We will begin this journey on June  6h after our update maintenance. This maintenance will start at 2 :00 am July 26th (GMT-5) and continue for 6 hours
      After maintenance, all servers will receive  3X EXP and 1.5x drop rate  from the moment the server are up till 11:59pm July  31st.     
      Set sail, ahoy!

    A.Edition Update:
         1. As this update will contain more new features, we strongly suggest that you download the patch.

         0.154-0.156   :  https://statics.9458.com/gameclient/vc/20220722/vc_up_0.154-0.156.exe

         2.We suggest that after we have upgraded our server that you click on "Update" in the Client. The update will complete itself automatically.

   B.The New Content of the New Version
          Find out more about The Lord of Suez Cannel   

          Decisive Battle Suez Cannel

          New Sea Gear

    C.The  Supply Station for Captain          
         Tarry a while, Captain! Stock up before we continue our voyage!
         VC Veteran Gift:http://vc.igg.com/event/takeyourprize/


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