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The jackal

Nov 30, -0001

Well i was on an adventure quest and i couldn't find it suddenly a found this wreckage and it was in a uper north of black sea well i was running low on provisions so I checked it out and i never thought i'd be happier i found 7 map pieces sold em for a huge amount of money aprox 90k per i was broke then barely had 10k to my name. Now i go there again and guess what some pirate was hanging there going to attack me now. Something reall stupid lucky for me i had a full crew i board the ship and guess what on the ship was a jackal well it was easy for me an i killed it. But still a jackal a jackel whats up with up with that and suddenly it rose and wouldn't die suddenly I saw

my faithful sailors die and sailors turning into jackals and then there I was standing i ran but where would i run soon all the jackals were surrounding me then the wierdist thing happened a jackal just ran into me I mean literally into me soon i found out i have wierd ears and a tail i am transforming slowly and slowly I am the Jackal. Well i may be a jackal but i have human intellegince with that i dominated the other jackals and became the jackal king. I was on and my jackal minions or jackal sailors were running the ship normally then I increased my fleet I did the same as the jackal who made me one of his. I toke a fleet of twelve ships strong loyal jackals in every one of em. My own ship the Jackal we attacked Athens it was a futile effort i on the only ship with 5 jackals remaining went onto the shore. A man was ordered to kill me and the others. He killed

my crew or what was remaining yet i pulled my jackal charms and stopped him he put me in a box and put a years worth of provisions in it now i wait in this box to kill the on ewho picks me up and command the ships and take over the world with my jackal army 


Beware that wrath of the Jackal king