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Unfairly attacked

Nov 30, -0001

While on a merchant cruise to deliver 20 ton of beef to Algiers, I was attacked by Ottoman Empire Patrol ships, sunk thrice, and then when I opened my eyes in Tripoli, I was grabbed by guards and unfairly thrown in prison, my reputation losing some three hundred points and now I sit in this dark cage wondering why I was attacked, and abused by a game meant to give pleasure.

   There is no help for you here, when I tried to signal a moderator to ask for help none was given, or even acknowledged, play at your own risk, my time is obviously worth nothing to IGG, and the makers, as I am serving time and have been unfairly attacked and the points in repurtation I so tried to save up, " holden" , my character lies in chains in a dungeon for attacking noone, doing nada! 

    I gues now I must begin again, as everywhere my character, which took me a month to build up, is now an outcast from his own country, and why? noone to explain or to even ask...........